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At, we bridge the gap between innovative healthcare advancements and you. Our platform specializes in connecting individuals with leading medical research studies, offering opportunities to participate in the development of groundbreaking treatments and medical devices. Founded in 1999, we are part of The Patient Recruiting AgencyTM, LLC – a pioneer in facilitating patient engagement in clinical research globally. Discover more about our commitment at

Understanding Medical Research

Medical research is the backbone of healthcare innovation, involving clinical trials that rigorously test new treatments and medical devices in volunteer participants. These trials are guided by strict protocols to ensure safety and effectiveness.

  • Clinical trials test new health treatments and devices under strict safety protocols.
  • Participating in trials contributes to the development of medical knowledge and future healthcare improvements.

Your Role in Advancing Healthcare

By joining a clinical trial, you play a direct role in shaping the future of medicine. The insights gathered can pave the way for new healthcare solutions. Every study is a stepping stone towards enhancing patient care, and your participation is invaluable, irrespective of the study results.

  • Volunteering in research helps discover new treatment options for future patient care.
  • Your participation provides valuable data, benefiting the community regardless of the study outcome.

Your Choice, Your Impact

Your involvement in any research study is entirely at your discretion. Before you begin, you'll receive comprehensive information to ensure your informed decision. Remember, your consent is yours to give – and to withdraw at any time without consequence.

  • Participation is voluntary, with informed consent provided before joining any study.
  • Consent can be withdrawn at any time, ensuring your complete control over participation.

Benefits for Your Contribution

To appreciate your commitment, many studies offer compensation for your time and cover related expenses. The specific details vary per study, and the coordinating team will transparently communicate what you can expect.

  • Participants may receive compensation for their time and expenses, varying by study.
  • Detailed compensation information is provided by the study center prior to participation.


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